NameRamael Scully
PositionHead Chef at Ottolenghi’s NOPI

Entrusted with running the flagship in Ottolenghi’s growing number of restaurants, Scully is adept at blending Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. He makes produce the highlight of any meal, experimenting with different flavour pairings to perfectly balance both sweet and sour.

He skips morning papers for cookbook reading, researching unusual, sometimes overlooked ingredients and techniques. His kitchen is filled with oversized jars containing fruit & vegetables in varying stages of pickling.

Scully has seen a dramatic improvement in the range and availability of both local and foreign produce in the years he has lived in the UK. He was excited to come across wild hops and frigitelli peppers recently, sparking ideas for new recipes.

Although Scully appreciates British produce, he hopes to break the misconception that ‘local is always better,’ when there are many, sometimes far more flavourful varieties found abroad. Instead, he buys produce from where it is grown best. If there is a fantastic-tasting tomato from Italy, for instance, he will make sure to source it from there.

Scully co-authored the NOPI cookbook with Yotam Ottolenghi, released in September 2015.