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ProvenanceAcate, Sicily
Produce PortfolioVine tomato, datterino and yellow datterino

Francesco grew up in rural Sicily, a region with a centuries’ long tradition of growing outstanding tomatoes. He started his own production after renting his first nursery at the age of 16. We discovered his tomatoes at the market in Milan in 2012 and recognised them as an exceptional example of the datterino.

He now grows exclusively for Natoora, emplying 15 full time staff, caring for varieties that we select together for flavour, such as a Datterino tomato and Vine tomato both of which are rarely grown commercially but vastly superior in flavour – all free from pesticides and pollinated only by bees. His skills, together with the richness of the volcanic Sicilian soil and the warm weather, all contribute to the outstanding quality of his produce. It is a beautiful partnership where we both provide our expertise to create a growing operation with extreme levels of quality and consistency.

Francesco recently applied and immediately qualified for the Global GAP certification, which recognises his efforts and awards him a high standard for safe and sustainable food production.

Francesco e Franco
Red Datterino