Good Earth Growers (GEG) is a project set up by The Modern Salad Grower, Sean O’Neill, in collaboration with Natoora. Sean’s farm is near Looe, Cornwall, where he specialises in growing micro cresses, flowers and salads leaves. He has been supplying Natoora since 2012.

Created as a way to open doors for Cornish growers sharing our growing ethos, the project has allowed high quality, seasonal Cornish produce – including asparagus, kales and chards, berries and baby vegetables – to reach the London market via Natoora throughout the whole year.

These products all come from small-scale growers who wouldn’t be able to supply a business such as Natoora individually, but who now can by joining forces via Good Earth Growers. Sean’s long term objective is to show that small growers can compete with industrial agriculture. Sharing in this philosophy and its success, we hope to work with similar networks of growers in different areas of the UK and the US.

GEG turnip
Borage flowers
Catriona potatoes
'You can't achieve anything with a bad seed'

Sean O'Neill, Good Earth grower

The dynamic system we’ve developed with GEG requires a high level of commitment to each other. Working with small farms that grow specialised, sometimes delicate produce can pose certain challenges: if a crop fails, there is little to replace it - we must work quickly to find a substitute, providing a consistent supply to our customers. However, this feels like a small price to pay for the benefits of having wonderful, fresh, unique English product to offer to our customers.

GEG represents what Natoora’s ethos is all about - flavourful produce grown using sustainable methods. It is also the perfect example of how Natoora and growers with similar philosophies can work together to improve each other’s businesses through collaboration. The project’s success has not only brought joint development and growth on both sides but also fostered strong friendships and triggered new ideas. By working with Sean, we have helped to create a system that encourages small-scale farms to thrive by growing great-tasting, sustainable, local produce.