We hosted a supper club in collaboration with Walmer Yard to celebrate true craftsmanship. Together with Walmer Yard's creator Fenella Collingridge and ceramicist Dan Cox, we reinforced the connections between the genuine artistry of our growers and the considered choices of modern design and architecture.

Craftsmanship is at the core of our sourcing ethos. Modern industrial agriculture and its cultivation of a limited range of produce is endangering this diversity. We seek out independent growers whose traditional growing methods make up a vital part of our collective cultural identity. These individuals, from Daniotti in Lombardy to Paola in Savona , select their own saved seeds, collected at the end of each season from their best performing plants. Just as an artist has their own unique medium and style, seed selection and natural intuition enable growers to refine their crops for the physical characteristics that they value most.

The setting of Walmer Yard mirrors these meaningful choices. A private set of four interlocking houses in west London, Walmer Yard was designed and crafted by Peter Salter together with Fenella Collingridge. It is the reflection of a long architectural education and the product of a decade of learning, thought and inspiration. From the play of light, shadow and colour, to the intense celebration of materials and constantly fresh sequences of spaces, these houses celebrate what design can deliver at the domestic scale.

The evening centred around a six course sharing menu, composed and executed by our founder Franco Fubini. The meal was shaped by the unique contours of radically seasonal produce - Paola’s Trombetta Courgettes, Sébastien’s Violette Asparagus and Albenga Artichokes grown by Angelo and Gianfranco. Each course was thoughtfully paired with natural wine from Ancestrel.

Speakers Fenella Collingridge and chef turned ceramicist Dan Cox lead discussions on the craftsmanship of growing and design. Together with Franco, their shared mission is to elevate craftsmanship - of architecture, growing, design - to its rightful level. This evening brought together a broad audience, united in their appreciation of creativity, individuality, passion and skill.

image seasonal event
image seasonal event