Radicchio Trevisano Tardivo

Radicchio Trevisano Tardivo
Radicchio Trevisano Tardivo
Selected by : Natoora
Origin : Treviso, Italy
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Just like the Precoce variety, Radicchio Trevisano Tardivo is produced around the area of Treviso. Its season goes from November to April. While the Precoce variety has fleshy red leaves with white ribs that form a compact bunch, Radicchio Trevisano Tardivo has much more pronounced ribs and splayed leaves, a crunchy texture and a pleasantly bitter taste.

Radicchio tardivo undergoes a complex process whilst being grown, making it the most prized of all the radicchio. After being picked from the fields (but only after there has been a frost twice, to ensure a bright red colour) it is carefully organised in cages, root side down, and immersed in cool running water. After a couple of weeks, the heart of the plant will have blossomed new, beautifully white and crunchy leaves; the outer leaves are then removed and the roots trimmed.

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