Vanilla Pods

Vanilla Pods
Vanilla Pods
Selected by : Natoora
Origin : Tahiti
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No better plant than an orchid to deliver this magical spice to the culinary world. Native to Mexico, the word comes from the Spanish for 'vainilla' which means little pod. Nowadays Tahiti and Madagascar produce what is consiered to be the finest vanilla available. For culinary purposes vanilla comes in pods, powder and extract and range in quality in that order. Vanilla's flavour is absolutely unique, it is one of those aromas which is used to describe other flavours. It has become a cornerstone to modern cuisine, no more so than in bakery and patisserie. By far the most popular flavour of ice cream is vanilla, and custard cream would be naked without it. Delicate, sumptuous, refined, sexy and warm are all adjectives that come to mind. Pods, when cut in half, release those miniscule black beans which are a sign of real vanilla in Crème Brûlée, custards, etc. You should always have a vanilla pod in your cupboard.

2 Pods of 2Gr  

(£2200.00 per Kg)
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