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Piura Porcelana Dark Chocolate (75% Cacao)

Piura Porcelana Dark Chocolate (75% Cacao)
Piura Porcelana Dark Chocolate (75% Cacao)
Produced by : Original Beans
Origin : Piura River Valley, Peruvian Andes
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This incredible dark chocolate bar is made with 75% cacao and has an exciting array of flavours. Notes of apricot, raspberry and kumquat come through, along with hints of toasted pecan.

'Porcelana' or white cacao was discovered by Original Beans in 2006 in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes. In its original state it is very rare, with a wonderfully vibrant, fruit flavour. Original Beans' collaborate with the regional farmer's cooperative, which has brought this variety back into production. Their replanting programme continues to help local farmers make the transition from rice to cacao, which gives them more income and is better for nature.

Original Beans have a passion for sustainable farming, delicious food, and the conservation of threatened doesn't that make this chocolate sound even more tasty?

1 Bar of 70Gr  

(£57.00 per Kg)
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