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Large Unwaxed Amalfi Lemons

Large Unwaxed Amalfi Lemons
Large Unwaxed Amalfi Lemons
Produced by : La Costiera
Origin : Amalfi coast/Calabria/Sicily, Italy
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Our Italian lemons are carefully selected by our buyer at the Fondi market for flavour, appearance, size and juiciness. They may come from the Amalfi coast, Calabria or Sicily depending what's looking and tasting best on the day. They are all harvested by hand only when they have reached the perfect stage of ripeness (often carrying leaves with it as a proof of freshness) and boxed straight away, without being washed or waxed. All these steps are carried out to make sure they can be enjoyed at its best: knobbly, with a thick skin full of aromatic oils and a heavy, juicy pulp with few pips and a balanced acidity, with a pleasant, savoury taste that will make any dish or dessert truly shine.

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1 Pack of 600Gr  

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