Panettone Classico

Panettone Classico
Panettone Classico
Produced by : Le Cose Buone
Origin : Milan, Italy
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This has got to be one of the best Panettones available. It is made by Le Cose Buone, a family patisserie founded in 1988 in Milan. The boss, Eraldo, is the founder of the Bread Academy in Milan and created this recipe for Panettone using his own home-made yeast. Since then, his classic Panettone has won many awards and we can see why. Made in Milan, the home of Panettone, this take on the traditional Christmas treat is fluffy and extremely moreish. Studded with candied orange, citron and lemon zest, along with raisins, it is perfect with hot drinks or a sweet wine such as vin santo. You can also try it with mascarpone cream.

The Guardian awarded our Panettone top of the class in their Christmas taste test.

1 Cake of 1Kg  

(£19.90 per Kg)
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