Panettone Galup

Panettone Galup
Panettone Galup
Produced by : Galup
Origin : Turin, Italy
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The original recipe of the classic Gran Galup is made with fresh candied fruits and top-quality raisins, garnished with handmade IGP Piedmont Hazelnut frosting and enriched with whole toasted almonds and pearl sugar. This is a very soft panettone with a larger covering which brings out all the flavour and fragrance of a special hazelnut, the Tonda Gentile Trilobata, which is now protected by IGP satatus. This panettone is made with three different processing and kneading stages and 40 hours of natural leavening, the mother yeast has been the same since 1922.

Galup was born from Pietro Ferrua's desire to make the dough lighter and larger, and to add an IGP Piedmont Hazelnut frosting. Since 1922, Galup frosting has been made exclusively with this particular hazelnut considered the best in the world. The Panettone is still handmade, following Pietro Ferrua's ancient recipe and little secrets, handed down from one generation to the next and guarded by the confectioners to these days.

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