Isle of Mull Cheddar

Isle of Mull Cheddar
Isle of Mull Cheddar
Produced by : Chris & Jeff Reade for Neal's Yard Dairy
Origin : Scriob Ruadh Farm near Tobermory, Isle of Mull
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From the Isle of Mull, along the fragmented coast of Scotland, comes this truly amazing cheese.

Summers are short on the Isle of Mull and the cows are kept inside for a lot of the year. In order to avoid supplementing their diet with expensive feeds from suppliers on the mainland, the Mull cows are fed the spent grain husks from the whisky distillery at Tobermory which is called draff.

It smells and tastes winey and fermented, which contributes to the yeasty, feisty, sharp flavours in the cheese.

The result is a moist cheddar with quite a soft texture and quite wild, farmy, fruity flavours, sometimes with an almost alcoholic tang. In winter, the cheeses are quite bright white in colour, in summer a light cream.

1 Piece of 280Gr  

(£22.00 per Kg)
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