I was living in New York in the late 1990s and I remember one day calling in to my local grocery store. A lady was asking a member of the staff where she could find some peaches. It was December, in the depth of winter, and there was thick snow on the ground. It certainly wasn’t peach season.

I’d grown up eating fantastic fruit & vegetables. At the time, it struck me that something was seriously wrong with how people had come to think about and consume fruits & vegetables: with no knowledge of the seasons, and an expectation that products would be available regardless the time of year. I already knew back then that I wanted to do something about it. What that something would be I was less sure of.

Nearly 20 years on from that day in New York, and more than 10 years since Natoora was founded, our radically seasonal produce is shaping the way chefs cook in over a thousand kitchens across London, Paris and New York.

Through our presence in the retail community in partnership with Ocado, Waitrose and our high street stores, we are actively engaging consumers in a complete food system revolution.

Franco Fubini

Natoora France logo 2004 Our Story Begins Natoora starts life as the first online Farmers Market, connecting customers to some of the country’s best butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers and growers. What we do has changed a lot since then, but we have stayed true to our roots: sourcing directly from producers who share our dedication to flavour.
Natoora first office in Hackney 2007 Setting off a Revolution Our work in the online retail business earns us a reputation as the source of directly sourced, radically seasonal produce. Starting with the River Café, chefs begin to turn to us to connect them to growers across Europe. We build our wholesale channel from scratch, grounded in transparency and direct contact with known growers. Our supply chain now reaches directly into over 600 of the most influential kitchens in London.
Natoora first office in Hackney 2007 Natoora Hub in Milan We want to know exactly who does what and when in our supply chain. We opened a hub in the market in Milan to better understand and engage with the journey of produce from field to kitchen. Since then, we’ve added teams on the ground in Barcelona, Paris, Fondi, New York and L.A, who together work as a unit to ensure that produce is handled as minimally and carefully as possible as it travels across our network.
Ocado logo 2012 Natoora on Ocado Our radically seasonal produce launches on Ocado. For the first time, home cooks have the chance to choose radically seasonal, directly sourced fruit & vegetables over the intensively grown, year round range of supermarket produce. Our presence on Ocado has actively engaged more and more consumers in our food system revolution.
Datterini on the vine 2012 A Growing Investment At the market in Milan, we came across some exceptional tomatoes. Tracking them back to Francesco in Sicily, we immediately recognised the value of his Datterini, a world apart from the commercially grown varieties bred to stay on the vine at the expense of flavour. Our investment in his project has enabled him to acquire another 10,000m² of land, build a committed team and gain a Global Gap certification.
Natoora Chiswick shop shelves 2013 Natoora Stores We open our first Natoora shop in Chiswick, southwest London. We’ve since added three more London stores, with plans for more. Stocking solely seasonal fresh produce and sustainably sourced dairy and dry goods, these spaces challenge the idea of the traditional greengrocer and actively engage consumers in our food system revolution.
GEG logo 2014 Good Earth Growers Our partnership with Sean O’Neill establishes Good Earth Growers. Rooted in Crocadon Farm, we forge a network of small-scale growers who share a determination to grow organically for flavour, not yield. The ever-increasing wealth of produce coming out of this project proves that thoughtful, small-scale growing communities can compete with industrial agriculture.
Natoora Paris 2017 Natoora NYC Our wholesale service launches in New York, connecting kitchens in Brooklyn and Manhattan to growers of radically flavoursome fruit and vegetables on both coasts. Our unique supply chain enables us to place fresh produce from Europe directly in the hands of chefs. Sand-forced Radicchio from Veneto along with Moro Blood Oranges from Sicily broke new ground on the New York culinary scene.
Natoora Paris 2018 Natoora Paris We bring the revolution to Paris, inspiring chefs with exceptional produce direct from growers within Paris and the rest of France. From further afield, we introduce them to Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb and Winter Tomatoes from Sicily, never before seen in French kitchens.
Natoora Waitrose 2018 Natoora in Waitrose In March 2018, a core range of our produce hits select Waitrose stores across London. Side by side with industrially grown, all year round produce, our radically seasonal fruit and vegetables spark the beginning of a total revolution in how consumers engage with the food system.