Although you can no longer shop with us online, you can still order our exceptional produce for delivery through Ocado. You can also find our fruit & vegetables in our shops, in Whole Foods and on the menus of top restaurants around London.


We began selling fresh food online ten years ago, connecting some of the country’s best growers, butchers, fishmongers and cheesemongers on one website. Working with producers who shared our commitment to flavour, we were determined to change the quality of food available in the UK.

Two years later, we decided to specialise in sourcing fruit & vegetables, developing close relationships with growers across Europe. From the citrus groves of Sicily to the Rhubarb sheds of west Yorkshire, we went to great lengths to source fruit & vegetables that had been grown for flavour.

This stood in stark contrast to the produce found in supermarkets, where most fruit & vegetables were available year-round. With produce being imported from afar and growing seasons being extended beyond anything found in nature, people were becoming increasingly disconnected from what fresh produce should taste like. Standards for the cosmetic appearance of produce were also making it harder for consumers to recognise real signs of flavour in their fruit & vegetables.

Today, our goal is to challenge many of the misconceptions surrounding the fruits & vegetables that we eat. To achieve this, a hands-on, in-store experience seems more important than ever. We want to encourage people to taste produce in our shops, ask questions, and truly understand how fruit & vegetables develop their flavour.

You can still order our produce through Ocado, but our focus is to give everyone the chance to try our fruit & vegetables firsthand by sampling them in our shops.

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